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  • Healing From Betrayal

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    You’re probably feeling like your whole life is on fire.

    When your partner’s affair or sexual addiction (including pornography addiction) is uncovered, it’s as though a bomb went off. You are stunned, off balance, overwhelmed, and might be confused about next steps.

    You might feel guilt or shame, or that some part of this is your fault.

    This is not your fault. This is a trauma.

    Therapy can:

    ·      Support you as you navigate through relational, emotional, financial, physical, and legal consequences of your partner’s actions

    ·      Provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to process the trauma of betrayal

    ·      Help you identify what YOU need in the moment and moving forward

    ·      Help you cope with and navigate through trauma symptoms like flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, anxiety and fear

    As a Certified Sexual Addictions Treatment Provider, I have specialized training to help you walk through the aftermath of betrayal.

    You may not know what you want to do about your relationship.  You may be several years beyond this relationship but are still feeling the effects of betrayal like it was yesterday.

    Wherever you are, I can meet you there and walk with you through the process of healing. If you’re carrying this burden, please don’t wait to get help. Call or schedule an appointment today.