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  • Boundaries and People Pleasing

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    Feeling tied up in knots after trying to do all things for all people all of the time?

    Ever feel angry or resentful after you’ve said “yes” to another thing you didn’t actually want to do but took on out of guilt or pressure?

    People pleasing is exhausting, and it can feel impossible to escape. Your relationships wear you out, and you often find yourself irritated with the people in your life.

    People pleasing/poor boundaries looks like:

    ·      Staying in a toxic relationship because you’re afraid to hurt or leave the partner/friend if they say they need you

    ·      You feel dismissed or disregarded but think you’re “overreacting” or you feel guilty for being upset

    ·      You have a friendship that is taking a lot out of you but you don’t feel like you can take a break

    ·      Decision making brings stress, anxiety, or overwhelm

    ·      You feel like you can’t describe your own identity

    ·      The idea of saying “no” makes you feel anxious or scared

    ·      You feel responsible for someone else’s actions

    If you’re ready to discover who you are, learn how to say “no,” and prioritize your needs in your relationships, I want to help.

    Often our people pleasing and/or lack of boundaries comes from things that we learned in our earliest relationships.  Therapy can help you identify and change the patterns and beliefs keeping you stuck.  Please reach out to learn more or set an appointment. I’d love to see if we’re a good fit!